Medication and Nutrition Review with a Licensed Clinical Pharmacists

Doctors are medical experts who provide diagnoses and recommend interventions to keep people in their best-possible health. But often your doctors, (if you have more than one) do not talk to one another. This may result in you taking medications that do not interact well with one another. And then on top of this you are likely taking supplements. But what most people do not understand is that often medication depletes nutrients that you require and that equally often supplements interfere with the medications that you are taking. In fact, you right now may be taking medications or supplements that are simply causing health havoc within your body. We offer sessions where we review your medication and supplements where we then create a program for you that reflects what you need considering your underlying health conditions.

60 Minute Pharmacist Consultation​


30 Minute Nutritional Coaching session

45 minute Nutritional Session Parent/Child

15 minute Nutritional Coaching Session




Our Goal

Let us help you co-pilot your journey to a healthier lifstyle

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Supporting each other's journey to a better health

We're stronger together. In order to spread the ripple effect of health and happiness across the globe, the sum is greater than its parts: each member of our community matters.

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Embrace learning & new ways of doing things

We strive to be life-long learners - finding new ways to do things and new ways of thinking about ourselves and what health means to us throughout the course of our lives. Health Coaches are continuously learning so that they can best themselves and support their clients.

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Strive to create balance in all areas of life

Health isn't achieved with just the food we put on our plates alone. We must tend to all the other areas of our lives that also provide us nourishment, such as our vitamins,exercise, hydration, mental health, and spiritual practice, keeping the Circle of Life in balance.

What We Strive To Achieve

Our At daywel we take a different approach compared to other Wellness centers, We offer an Holistic approach to health coaching while also considering your drug depletion, and making sure your medication is in order and in compliance with you personalized health program. Our goal is to create a custom plan of action that helps you achieve the specific outcomes or goals you desire for your life. This involves learning about strategies and tools that you can use daily to improve your ability to achieve goals by sustaining your attention, staying focused, formulating realistic plans, and organizing, prioritizing, or completing tasks in a timely fashion. We want to support clients to implement changes recommended by their healthcare team, providing encouragement, accountability, and motivation to create healthier habits. Scientific researches prove that many chronic diseases can be prevented or even cured by making simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. So what are you waiting for?

Food, Supplements, and Activity

Nutrition and Fitness

Here at daywel we believe nutrition should a large part of your health program and daily lifestyle. Our Nutritionists will combine nutritional counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy to help you reach your goals. Our Program focuses not only on medical nutrition therapy but also exercise, and lifestyle management. We can help you create sustainable changes that make sense. At daywel we create solutions that are simplified and personalized for you to meet your goals! Let us help you make healthy lifestyle changes that will fit your agenda! Our goal is to empower individuals and families to make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to supplements and diet. Your health should be a priority to feel, look, and be your best self.

 Medications- Drug-Nutrient Interactions

Our pharmacists will provide a comprehensive review of all your medications and advise on supplementation when nutrient replenishment is necessary due to drug depletion. We individualize each session so that you get the most out of your time. And guarantee that you will use what you learn to feel better physically & emotionally. And will empower you to stay on track and reach your wellness goals.

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Jeanne Rocco, MS, RDN


Jeanne M. Rocco, Ms., RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with more than 30 Years ‘expertise in health and wellness. As an integrative and functional medicine practitioner, Jeanne continuous to educate people on the importance of dietary supplements and the science of nutrition.


David Miller

Head Pharmacist

41 years Pharmacy experience, Pharmacist-in-Charge, Retail Pharmacy; Compounding Lab, Holistic Wellness, New Jersey licensed pharmacist, also registered in 21 states. “With my Knowledge I will be able to assess your medication, and find the right meds to coincide with you Wellness Plan.”

Why We Do It

Here's Why.


Being a source of positive change

You are your own Health Coach first and that's the power of health coaching - demonstrating that transforming your physical, mental, and spiritual health will encourage and empower others to want to improve their own wellbeing.


We love what we do

Part of why health coaching is such powerful work is because Health Coaches are passionate about what they do: helping others achieve optimal health. We help people pursue their passion for health and wellness to do what they love, and love what they do.


Set an example of self development & growth

We're committed to setting the gold standard for Health Coaches and their work. To help you become the best version of yourself , one must pursue self-development and personal growth, which we give our coaches the tools to accomplish.