Why Is Van Security Lock So Famous?

Van Lock Security Systems

If you’re searching for a van lock security system, then you have come to the right spot. Many companies have created some of the best locks around, but it isn’t easy to decide which one is right for you. You need to ensure that you get a good deal on a product that will protect your vehicle. Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing the best lock system for your vehicle.

Thule’s Van Lock

A high-security door lock is a great option to protect your hard-earned money from thieves. This kind of lock is not just an effective security measure, but it also provides a stylish finish to your ride. You can pick between two door styles, one for a single door. Of the numerous locks that are available, the XL Lock from Thule offers some of the most affordable prices.

The XL Lock is a well manufactured product that will increase your safety and comfort. The sleek black finish embodies the latest design and technology. The sophisticated slide-in front door mechanism is what you need to be searching for. It’s simple to install and maintain, despite its amazing features. Contrary to van-related locks, XL locks don’t require drilling into your door frames. The XL Lock comes with a five-year guarantee. A top notch lock is the only way to guarantee the security and security of your valuable cargo.

The XL Lock is one of the most sought-after security solutions in the industry. The XL line of door locks is an excellent investment that will yield dividends in the future.

Yale Heavy Duty Van Lock

The Yale Heavy Duty fitting van security locks Lock is a sturdy, secure lock that protects your van. This lock was designed for tough, outdoor conditions in mind. It has the black powder-coated steel hasp for high security. It also comes with the zinc-plated body padlock that gives it added strength. The lock has been tested to resist corrosion for 24 hours. Together with a cylinder with six pins the lock’s heavy-duty construction provides the best protection against lock picking attacks.

Created by Yale experts, the Heavy Duty Van Lock is guaranteed to stand up to the most extreme conditions. It passed all tests including the extraction of cylinders and a test of 10,000 cycles. A step-by step installation manual is also included.

Yale is among the most reliable brands of locks in the world. Yale has over 175 years of experience in the industry and millions of locks are used all over the world. Yale offers a wide range of locking solutions , from traditional mortise locks and door handles to digital locks and electronic locks. Yale products are available in many locations as well as in specialty retail stores.

The Yale Heavy Duty Van Lock is specifically designed to guard your vehicle from forced entry, fitting van security locks as well as attacks from malicious individuals. Each lock comes with three keys, fixing bolts and pre-drilled mounting holes.


Mul-T-Lock has developed ArmaDLock, a small but effective locking device. This unit is a great option to increase the security of your commercial vehicle. It’s easy to install and secures your cargo compartment. This device can be installed on almost any type of van door, including rear doors.

ArmaDlock employs the hasp lock system to provide a strong locking mechanism. When the van door is closed the hasp extends across a strike plate which covers the slot between the strike plate and the lock. By using this mechanism, your vehicle can be secured without the need to take out portable security devices.

The name of the ArmaDlock is not the only thing that makes it stand out. The ArmaDlock is light and non-corrosive, and has a sturdy locking bolt. Furthermore, the device is easy to operate. Simply press the button on the cylinder and it will unlock the lock and then lock it again.

In addition the device comes with a two-plus-one key bonus. It is secure even in the event that the van is hit from behind thanks to the high-quality padlock. It’s not easy to secure large vehicles, however, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe.

The ArmaDlock is a wonderful addition for any van. Whether you are driving for a living, or simply jogging you’ll appreciate the peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure.

Slick Locks Hasp Locking System

Slick Locks has created a technologically advanced system that not only protects your cargo, but also helps you save money. Utilizing a combination of the Puck Lock and Blade Brackets, you can be certain to secure your valuables without compromising your vehicles aesthetics. This system does not require drilling into your vehicle’s mounting points.

The blade brackets are designed to work with existing mounting points to offer safety and ease of use. They are made from stainless steel. It’s not just the most durable locking system and is the most attractive. It is difficult to discern that your company is using the locking system unless you look at the mounting holes that are provided by the factory.

You want to make sure your fleet’s assets are safe and enhance the image of your business. Luckily, Slick Locks makes it easy to get your truck, van or SUV ready for business. It’s easy to install. After you’re finished you can relax and relax with the peace of mind that your cargo is secured and your vehicles aren’t being driven around by strangers.

One Slick Locks hasp is the only drill-free stainless steel locking tool on the market. This means that it is the only solution to van lock security issue.

Slick Locks Spinner

Slick Locks is the best option if you’re in search of van locks that can protect your fleet and save money. There are many options for puck locks, weather shield covers, or blade brackets that are available from Slick Locks. Furthermore, their locking systems attach directly to existing factory holes on your vehicle and make installation a breeze.

In addition, Slick Locks offers a line of 360 spinners which are designed to give more security than the average slide lock. These spinners with high-tech capabilities can transform ordinary locks into a rotating automatic bearing, which provides additional security. Unlike conventional slip ring style locks, these innovative devices can stay on the lock cylinder at all times. This patented technology provides a high level of protection that makes it an ideal choice for your fleet.

Other features include an innovative Puck Lock with an e-Spinner as well as the Weather Shield cover as well as a series of blade brackets. Each is engineered to fit the doors on your particular model of truck, van, or SUV. These products are durable and fitting van security locks can provide long-term savings for your business. All this and more is available at Slick Locks, the only company that offers a complete line of top-quality puck locks and hardware.


It’s a smart decision to invest in van lock security equipment if you own a van. You can ensure that your van is safe by purchasing one of the locks that are approved by Thatcham. They can also help reduce your insurance premium.

Making the investment in the ArmourShell range of locks is a smart choice to ensure the security of your vehicle. The range combines cutting-edge design with the latest in convenience. You can protect your vehicle with a locking system that uses a hardened steel bolt to ward off direct hit from hammers. It is a highly angled body that has hardened steel inserts.

Armour-Shell is an all-inclusive solution to commercial vehicle security. Each shell comes with brackets and specific fixings to provide a secure mount to fit any vehicle model. A thrust-pin extends the shell on both sides, which means that the crowbarring of the shell is almost impossible. They have a chamfered shell to shield the semi-automatic locking bolt.

If you’re looking for a top-quality lock that is approved by Thatcham to fit your vehicle, look into the ArmourShell range. This lock is designed to deflect all types of entry, including theft and peel, jemmying, slamming, attacks with hammers and much more. The ArmourShell is sturdy and comes with an interlocking rear section. This lock has been extensively tested to protect against a broad range of attacks.

To protect yourself you can buy a SlamHandle Security Pack. It includes a front door guard, hook locks for the sides and back doors, and a hook lock. This provides a great deterrent and can also save you time when you’re multi-dropping.

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