Why Chewing Your Food is Important!

Did you know digestion begins in the mouth? The moment you see, or smell food
saliva is produced, and enzymes contained in the saliva collectively get ready to
act. But enzymes need some help to break the food down into smaller pieces, so
it can travel smoothly down the esophagus, and you don’t choke. Ayurveda- a
3,000-year-old natural medicine system, says chewing each bite of food a
minimum of 30 times, or until it’s liquefied, is essential for proper digestion. My
advice is managing your mealtime and be mindful of chewing your food. I know
we live in a hectic world of fast everything but allowing yourself time for slow and
thorough chewing is essential for strong digestive health and key to
understanding the importance of the mouth in the first phase of the digestive
Come to Millers on Digest Day, April 27 between 11:00 am – 4:OO pm to learn
more about the steps of digestion and check our web site throughout the month
of April as we continue Our Digestive Series.

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