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Make Your Children’s Medicine Taste Better with Compounding

Being a caregiver, it can be difficult enough dealing with sickness or injury in your child. To complicate things further, kids are often resistant when it comes to taking medication. Some medicine doesn’t taste good, but alternatives do exist, like replacing unpleasant medicines with custom flavors and formulas.


Caring for a sick child and trying to get them to take medicine does not always have to be a battle. At Millers Pharmacy we offer solutions. Unlike commercial medications, our compounded medications are tailored to your child’s needs.


We provide custom medication forms to help the medicine go down easier. If the child has difficulty chewing or swallowing, we can create a custom liquid medicine, just for them. If your child experiences chronic constipation but hates suppositories, we can create a gentle oral laxative. Among other options.


At Millers we are focused on:

  • Making Better Tasting Medications
  • Personalized Doses
  • Your Child’s Health


Just ask your pediatrician which forms of medication they are the most comfortable giving to your child. Then, we will do the rest!

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