Here’s A Little-Known Fact Concerning Van Door Deadlocks

Protect Your Cargo Area With a Van Deadlock Kit

If you’re seeking a way to protect your cargo area it is recommended to look into the deadlock kit for your van. It’s a great method to keep your items out of the way, and it also prevents thieves from gaining entry into your vehicle.


If you need extra security for your van then a slam lock is the best choice. It not only provides extra protection against theft, it’s also an attractive deterrent that could stop potential thieves from getting into your van.

A slam lock is a great choice for couriers and other tradespeople. They are especially suitable for deliveries with multiple drops. They don’t require a spare hand to open and close the door. Like a deadlock Slam lock will lock automatically after the door has shut.

The key of a slam lock is made of a solid nickel bow . It is much stronger than the standard key. It also resists picks on locks.

Van slam locks are available for nearly every model and make of van. These locks are compatible with the lock mechanism that is currently in place on your vehicle. Additionally, they include keys that are secure and replacement cables.

A slam locking device can be added to your van for added security, whether you’re seeking additional security for your motorhome, caravan, or delivery vehicle. It is the best security option while helping lower insurance rates.

The best results when you choose an slamlock set that is specifically designed for your van. A slam handle kit is also available. You can also include a deadlock or security cage to your van.

Be sure to compare prices before you buy any of these products. Prices will differ based on the make, model and the location. You can also seek advice from your insurance provider to determine the right type of lock for your needs.

Upfit Supply cargo van door lock kits

The cargo van door lock kits are equipped with a strong-duty steel lock designed to keep your valuables and cargo secure. They are strong enough to safeguard your precious belongings from theft, but are easy to install. They are practical and affordable for cargo van owners.

Upfit Supply also offers a assortment of items for vehicles. There are door liners and puck locks that are simple to install and are resistant to break-ins. These are the best option if you wish to protect your cargo while maintaining the professional appearance of your van.

The Puck Lock from Upfit Supply is a distinctive, safe lock. The lock is made from strong steel and comes with 90-day warranty. It is also designed in a distinctive manner that makes it suitable for utility vans.

Upfit Supply’s cargo van door lock kit includes several keyed cylinders and the sliding door lock. They are constructed of high-quality stainless steel, making them hard to pick. Furthermore, they’re built to last, so they’ll last longer than the average van. The door lock kits are the best option for cargo van owners searching for a lock with more strength than nails.

Upfit Supply also offers a assortment of other incredible cargo van items. Some of these are more specific to the needs of the customer like an emergency camera or a sanitation station. These items are specifically designed to keep your van secure and keep your passengers healthy.

You can explore the many alternatives if there’s no way to know which product to purchase or which one to pick. You can select the most suitable product for your vehicle and your needs by gathering the right information.

Rep Locks

A deadlock for a van is an inexpensive and effective van security solution. It offers a tiny amount of security and can be an effective visual deterrent.

Van break-ins are common all over the world and are a significant issue in the UK. A lot of vans have expensive equipment stored in their. Criminals are aware of this and are willing to risk everything to steal valuable cargo.

A deadlock for your van is an excellent way to secure your vehicle. It is possible to get one installed on virtually any make and model of van. A deadlock is an excellent option to improve security on your vehicle’s rear and side doors.

Another option is to install a Loom Guard. These are made from strong aluminium and specifically designed to protect vans from thieves and stop them from pealing the doors. They are usually installed on the front door of the cab of vans.

Another benefit of installing a Loom Guard on your vehicle is that it can shield the most delicate parts, for instance, the back. While not everyone would want to install a Loom Guard on their van however, it could be an investment worth the cost.

For the highest level of security, you can also look into installing a replock. Replocks are an easy replacement cylinder for your original OE lock. Alongside the usual features, a replock is equipped with a wide bezel made of steel. It is more difficult to pick than an OE one because it comes with a bezel.

Installing a deadlock reinforcement kit can be another method of securing your van. It can be used to strengthen your deadlock and keep it from being blocked.

Slick Locks Hasp Locking Systems

The Slick Locks Hasp Locking System is an all-in-one security system for van deadlock kits. Its stainless steel hasps prevent corrosion and rust, and offer high levels of security for your vehicle.

In contrast to other deadlocks for van deadlock kits vans The Hasp Locking System does not require drilling and provides an excellent option to secure your valuable cargo. This system is designed to be compatible with a wide range of van deadlock kits manufacturers.

It is also the only stainless steel that is not drill-resistant locking hasp on the market today. This lock is built with specially engineered blade brackets to provide the highest level of security for vehicles.

The Slick Locks Cargo Van Security Door Locks Kit includes three additional components, in addition to the Hasp. These Blade Brackets are custom-engineered to fit each manufacturer’s vehicle doors.

Blades are made of premium stainless steel that is virtually non-corrosive. They also come with Weather Covers. The keyway will be protected from dirt and debris. A slip ring is also added security.

The spinner guards your cargo from theft attempts and also prevents it from being removed. A further benefit is a key-way access hole, making it impossible for thieves to gain access inside the cylinder locks without a key.

This system is compatible with various truck models. It is compatible with the Ford E series, Transit Connect vans between 2010 and present, GMC Savana, Express vans from 1992 to present.

You can install the Slick Locks Hasp Locking System to make your van secure without drilling. Additionally, this product is an ideal choice for vans with a lot of vehicles, as it is designed to be put in a range of vans at once.

Catalytic converter locks

If you’re worried about the catalytic converter in your van look into installing a lock for a catalytic converter. Thieves will be attracted to vans that have a catalytic convertor. The converter is rich in precious metals making it a valuable target for thieves’ lust.

Thieves are equipped with tools that can be used to take out the converter, such as sawzalls, hacksaws and saws. In addition to the value of the converter, it’s also costly to replace it. Once stolen, the person who stole it can sell the part for profits.

Despite the popularity and security of catalytic converter locks theft is still a concern. It’s estimated that the cost to replace a converter can be in the thousands. It is essential to have a quality set of locks.

One of the best types of catalytic converter locks is hook locks. These locks are fixed to the doors of the van. They are available for Van Deadlock Kits most vans and offer superior levels of security.

Owner-drivers who are concerned about losing their keys in their car could find the deadlocks of the Ed-lock Hook useful. They are operated by an external key, and can be positioned in strategically placed locations.

A Slam Lock may be the ideal option for you if you are tradesman or courier. The lock operates when the door is opened.

The L4V S Series deadlock is a reliable choice for ensuring maximum security. It is ideal for vehicles with multiple drop points and is compliant with Thatcham standards.

You may also consider using an overnight lock. You could also use an overnight lock to give you some extra security, especially in the event that your morning routine is not your forte.

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