DPP IV – A Necessary Enzyme for Gluten Intolerance

Sensitivities to gluten are on the rise. Individuals with gluten intolerance require the protection
and flexibility in food choices. Unlike food allergies, people with gluten sensitivity can eat gluten
but may be lacking enzymes to break the food down for absorption. As a result, gas, bloating
and occasional diarrhea can occur. Enzymes that breakdown proteins are called peptidase.
Exopeptidase (125 DPP IV) is a peptidase very specific for breaking down gluten. Many people
avoid the foods they love for fear of gastro repercussions but using an enzyme DPP IV with a
meal may help you to enjoy some of your favorite gluten containing foods such as breads,
pasta, or cereals. There are many brands of enzymes to choose but when it comes to gluten
intolerance check the label for Exopeptidase (125 DPP IV).

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