Milk and dairy foods are a primary source of calcium. Calcium supports bone building, increases skeletal
strength and promotes healthy bone density. When you avoid milk and dairy foods, you may need to get
calcium from other foods and/or take an absorbable calcium supplement.

Nondairy Calcium Choices
 Sardines 
 Canned salmon 
 Tofu (calcium-fortified) 
 Shellfish 
 Turnip greens 
 Collards 
 Kale 
 Dried beans 
 Broccoli 
 Calcium-fortified orange juice 
 Calcium-fortified soy milk 
 Blackstrap molasses 
ï‚· Almonds

Forms of Calcium for best absorption

ï‚· Calcium Citrate
ï‚· Calcium Bisglycinate
ï‚· Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-Nutrition Care Manual-2022

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