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Compounded Theophylline Intranasal Used to Treat Loss of Smell and Taste

Theophylline has been used for many years as an asthma medication but is now also being used to treat loss of smell and taste. There has been renewed interest in this medication as many patients who recover from COVID-19 have an impaired sense of smell that does not go away after other symptoms subside.

In recent studies Theophylline nasal spray has been proven to be significantly more effective at improving sense of smell and taste than the oral capsules and has fewer side effects. Theophylline treats loss of smell and taste caused by low levels of two proteins called cAMP and cGMP. A low level of these proteins in nasal mucus inhibits the production of olfactory receptor cells.

Theophylline can increase levels of cAMP and cGMP to improve sense of smell and sense of taste. The nasal spray may also help reduce inflammation that can be a contributing factor in loss of smell and taste.

At Millers Pharmacy we can compound Theophylline Instranasal with a prescription from your Doctor! Theophylline can improve smell as soon as four to six weeks after initiating treatment but may take several months or longer for some individuals. After sense of smell and taste improves, treatment is often continued to maintain the results.




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